Sunday, May 14, 2006's Dishonest Ad, Transcript

Matt Stoller at MyDD got a link to an anti-net neutrality ad, which he deconstructs. (via Atrios)

Here's the transcript:

Lately a lot of people have been talking about "saving the internet:"

[sounds of crowd cheering]Save the internet! Net neutrality now! Keep the net free! We need the government to regulate the internet! [silence] chirp chirp.

Is the internet really in danger? Does the internet need saving?

It keeps getting faster, we keep getting more choices and pretty soon homes will be directly connected to the fiber-optic backbone.

Building the next generation of the internet is going to take a lot of work and cost a lost of money, and some big corporations can't wait to use it. They plan on using a huge portion of the new bandwidth to do things like stream high definition movies.

They're gonna make billions, but they don't wanna pay anything. Instead, they want to stick consumers with the whole bill. And they call their plan "net neutrality?"

These corporations are asking Congress to create volumes of new regulations to control how content is delivered over the internet. Should politicians and bureaucrats replace network administrators?

It will be the first major government regulation of the internet and it will fundamentally change how the internet works

These big corporatoins and the "save the internet" campaign want the government to take control of the internet. They say it's to prevent websites from being blocked, but they can only cite two examples of internet providers who have blocked websites, and they were both in Canada.

The net neutrality issue is a fundamental question about who should control the internet, the people or the government. And it's a fight about who's going to pay. Multibillion dollar corporations or you.

Congress is about to vote on net neutrality. Make up your own mind.

It's about the future of the internet.

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