Thursday, May 18, 2006

Integrity vs. Cravenness

Good for men with integrity, like Russ Feingold, who storms out in outrage at the sanctimoniousness of morally bankrupt men like Arlen Specter. Specter's response, "Good riddance."

It'll be good riddance from America when mewling cowards like Specter, who compromise their principles at every opportune moment, and who held this committee meeting in a room with limited public access, are gone.

The committee passed the anti-same sex marriage amendment on to the full Senate for debate, though it's unlikely to pass.

Here's the difference between the two men:

  • Feingold introduces a resolution to censure the President, knowing it won't pass, is unpopular and potentially political suicide. But he really believes in it.
  • Specter passes on a bigoted amendment which he doesn't think will pass, but will give the GOP political play and get out the base. And he doesn't believe in it at all.

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