Friday, May 26, 2006

Is It Still Murtha's Fault?

TalkLeft excerpts a NYTimes article that confirms what Murtha said: some Marines murdered, in cold blood, a bunch of innocent, unarmed Iraqi men, women and children.

To be fair, the Marines have a defense, though it doesn't sound very good.

I have a lot of emotions over this. I'm sickened and ashamed, naturally. But I'm also sad for the Marines who did it, because I tend to think that - though there is no excuse for what they are accused of doing - wars create extreme stress that does things to even the best person's psyche. Even basically good people who wouldn't commit a crime under normal circumstances can "lose it."

My husband's grandfather was a Marine in WWII at all the South Pacific hot spots, and he still doesn't really talk about it. Over 60 years of demons haunting him. Who knows what he saw, or possibly what he did? For years after the war, his wife had to wake him with a broomstick, so she wouldn't get attacked.

This is another reason to not waste our military on unnecessary wars.

But I am also proud of the military for not covering it up, and for being forthcoming with the information. Contrary to the belief of some, hiding ones mistakes and pretending they don't happen is worse than admitting it and trying to make amends.

[update: I blame Springitis for the ennui which lead to that last unsupported stupid statement. There does appear to have been a cover up.]

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