Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mary Cheney Smackdown

I heard on the Ed Schultz show about Mary Cheney's comments about John Kerry and John Edwards -- the former is a "son of a bitch," the latter "slime" -- because they dared mention her name in the course of defending the rights of homosexuals, something they wouldn't have had to do if her dad hadn't been working on the side of oppressing people like his own daughter -- though not individually by name, so it's okay.

She must really be bothered at the notion of being associated with civil rights, the horrendous political whore.

So I was very pleased to see (via AmericaBlog) that Kerry's spokesman came out swinging,

Kerry spokesman David Wade: "Seems like a suspicious lecture from a political operative who flacked for the most anti-gay administration in history and allowed Karl Rove to divide America for political gain," Wade said. "She'd be more credible if she pushed dad's administration to support hate crimes legislation and equal rights for gay Americans."

Snap, oh yes he did!

Keep up the counterattacks with hefty doses of snark, guys. It works for me.

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