Sunday, June 11, 2006

Denver Post Profile of Beauprez

It's very revealing. As my husband just said, "And I thought Holtzman was a dickhead."

The very first sentence sounds somewhat contemptuous.

Bob Beauprez is crying, again.

Not because showing tender emotions is a wimpy liberal stereotype that has been overplayed by them manly Repugs for years now. After all, Beauprez is a Repug, therefore any tears he may have are, by definition, manly, and shed for conservative reasons.

The Denver Post's tone seems more, "there goes that phony again."
His is a story of an earnest country boy who married his high school sweetheart, followed his dad's example of self-reliance and discipline, made good on the family dairy farm and dedicated himself to political life.

At times, it is retold through tears.

Still, so carefully crafted is his folksy image that, in a recent portrait of the candidate photographed in a barn, his campaign digitally erased the emblem of his company, Heritage Bank, from his denim work shirt.

A close look at Beauprez's record reveals aspects that aren't as easily glossed over.

It goes on to show him for a bovine-racialist, draft-dodging, two-faced rat covered in DeLay stink with Russian mob ties. "But I love my daddy," says Beauprez, crying.

He seems, at least, to be basically honest.
During testimony in a redistricting case Beauprez brought on behalf of the party, an attorney for the Democrats asked him: "Over and above what's in the best interest of the state, you're more interested in getting Republicans elected, correct?"

"Yes," he replied.

Which is why you'd better believe him when he says this:

But ask what Beauprez plans to do as governor, and his answer is less than specific.

"I don't blame people for being cynical about what this (governorship) will look like," he says. "I guess people won't know ... [suddenly illuminated by uplights] until after the fact. [mwaha. mwahaha. mwahahahaha.]"

Dun Dun Dun.

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