Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Flag Burning Amendment Failed By One

No thanks to Ken Salazar. Evan Bayh, who's apparently a possible presidential contender, voted for it. Hell, Evan, even Lieberman voted against it. (via WashParkProphet)

Anyone who died for the American Flag had their priorities seriously out of whack. You're supposed to be fighting to defend the Constitution and our system of government, the real tangible things that constrain our government and our neighbors to make us free and equal.

I think there's a very good reason the Ten Commandments forbids graven images. Though symbols and images can help to focus one's concentration on something, such as for prayers, meditation, battle ... whatever - those symbols and images can also get in the way. People start thinking their god actually is the image they worship. Instead of using the symbol as a method of channelling focus into the real issue, they start believing that the symbol itself is the real issue. Symbols become more real than the reality they claim to revere.

So it is with the flag. Anti-flag burning amendment proponents are confusing the symbol for the reality. They see the flag as the embodiment of freedom and America, so any attack on it is an actual physical attack on freedom and America. Ironically then, the only way that they know to protect freedom and America is to curb the freedom of Americans.

They Get Letters correspondence with Salazar on flag burning:
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