Monday, June 26, 2006

Fluffernutter Sandwiches

I've never had one.

And if a Massachusetts state legislator has his way, I never will.

Okay, that was a massive overstatement. And I see where Sen. Barrios is coming from. He's health conscious and his son's school serves Fluffernutter sandwiches at lunchtime. He would like to limit the amount the kids get.

The owner of Fluff (which was created in Massachusetts, so it has more meaning there) says it's not as unhealthy a product as other foods since it has no fat or cholesterol, low sodium, and the same calories as jelly and jam.

But it looks to me like this is an issue that could use some compromise. It probably shouldn't be on the menu every day, and there should be a copy of the menu sent home to parents so the more health-conscious ones can pack their kids a sack lunch on the days that it's served, if they want to be that strict.

But a law?

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