Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hot Air Lies About Dems

Maha exposes the insidious lie spread by righties that Democrats booed Hillary Clinton's exhortation to support the troops.

Bryan at Hot Air says
First, Hillary! says we should support our troops…and the leftwingers in the audience boo her.

It's clear that Bryan is claiming that the audience booed when asked to support the troops, thus booing the troops.

However, it wasn't after Hillary called on Dems to support the troops, as Bryan claims, but after she said that the troops are "among the very best we have to offer" (so the lefties support the troops, but don't think they're the very best we have to offer?) Maha has a link to the entire video via C&L, as well.

After Hillary said that our troops are "among the very best we have to offer" I heard a woman shout something. The cadence was wrong for a series of boos, unless she said "boo boo BOO." So I blasted it, and it sounded like what maha described, "bring them home." The single woman who shouted "bring them home" was joined by a few others who also shouted "bring them home," who were further supported by some others clapping for the troops to be brought home.

Bryan claims he heard boos. I didn't. Maybe I have better speakers. Maybe I have better hearing (I can hear the Mosquito). Maybe I'm more honest.

Later, Hillary does get a brief smattering of boos (interspersed with applause) when she didn't support a definite date to bring the troops home. It seems clear to me that they were booing Hillary because they disagreed strongly with her statement that the troops should be kept in Iraq for an indeterminate amount of time, not because they don't support the troops.

But in order to perpetuate the dishonest portrait of the left as anti-military (or, more generously, because he believes the dishonest portrait of the left as anti-military), Bryan conflates these two separate events, claiming that Time Magazine supports his contention that Hillary was booed for asking the audience to support the troops.
“I do not think it is a smart strategy,” she said, “either for the President to continue with his open-ended commitment, which I think does not put enough pressure on the new Iraqi government, nor do I think it is smart strategy to set a date certain.” Members of the crowd yelled, “Why not?” There was loud booing. It was almost impossible to hear Clinton as she spoke over the crowd to declare, “I do not agree that that is in the best interest of our troops or our country.” After her speech, as Clinton was walking along the stage and shaking hands with attendees who had rushed to meet her, more than a dozen members of the crowd stood and started chanting “Bring the troops home! Bring the troops home!” [ed: emphasis added by Hot Air]

Bryan highlights the portion that says she was booed, but not the portion about where in her speech she was booed. Hillary was booed when she said it's best to keep the troops in Iraq. The fact that some in the audience believe it is in the best interests of - and therefore supportive of - the troops to "bring them home" is further bolstered by the end of the excerpt:
After her speech ... more than a dozen members of the crowd stood and started chanting “Bring the troops home! Bring the troops home!”

What, they want the troops to come home because they don't support the troops?

Of course arguments exist that bringing the troops home will undermine the democratization and stabilization of the Middle East, leading to the future harm of the troops and the United States. That's what Hillary argues. Others argue that continuing the occupation is hindering the efforts of Iraqis to get on with the business of forming their own country and adversely affecting recruitment and the reputation of the U.S. in the world. The effects of one or the other may in fact cause harm to the troops.

But effect isn't what Bryan is talking about. He's ascribing motive, and that motive is, "the left hates the military and wants the U.S. to fail, so they boo when asked for support." I think the evidence shows that it is righties who support the policies and actions which hurt the troops both in the long- and short-term, but I don't think they hate the military. They're just wrong. And they hate the Left.

I'll even be much more generous to Bryan and Malkin, who spread the lie to her larger audience. Maybe their hatred of the left causes the blood to pump so hard they hear what their preconceptions make them expect to hear.

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