Friday, June 30, 2006

Irrational Right Wing Hatred

I think I can actually understand this type of anger. If someone hurt my children, I would want them to die slowly and painfully.

But how far gone down Insanity Row do you have to be to wish for the torturous end of people who report rather mundane information that doesn't actually cause harm to anyone because the terrorists already know? (Via Atrios.)

In a note on the paper's Web site Sunday, Executive Editor Bill Keller said the Times spent weeks discussing with Bush administration officials whether to publish the report.

He said part of the government's argument was that the anti-terror program would no longer be effective if it became known, because international bankers would be unwilling to cooperate and terrorists would find other ways to move money.

"We don't know what the banking consortium will do, but we found this argument puzzling," Keller said, pointing out that the banks were under subpoena to provide the information. "The Bush Administration and America itself may be unpopular in Europe these days, but policing the byways of international terror seems to have pretty strong support everywhere."


Keller said the administration also argued "in a halfhearted way" that disclosure of the program "would lead terrorists to change tactics."

But Keller wrote that the Treasury Department has "trumpeted ... that the U.S. makes every effort to track international financing of terror. Terror financiers know this, which is why they have already moved as much as they can to cruder methods. But they also continue to use the international banking system, because it is immeasurably more efficient than toting suitcases of cash."

The only possible effect the release of this information will have is on the Bush Administration's popularity at home, since terrorists already know. So Right Wing Nutjobs want to torture people who hurt the status of the Bush Administration?

The RWNJs are doing more to hurt the United States than 1000 terrorists could do. At least the terrorists only hurt us physically. The RWNJs are destroying our system of government and our unity. And I still don't wish for RWNJs to be tortured to death.

... Also via Atrios, more on this brand of RWNJ violent fantasy. Lee Siegel of TNR, who thinks bloggers are fascists because we ridicule people's stupid ideas occasionally and call them names, now would like to cut off people's heads because he doesn't like baseball caps. Hilzoy at Obsidian Wings has a must read post:
"When I see someone wearing a baseball cap in a movie theater, I want them to bring back the guillotine."

Well, I thought as I read this, that explains a lot about why Lee Siegel seems not to notice the line between calling people wankers and sending them to Auschwitz.

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