Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Letter to Xcel RE: Windsource Premium

I read with some confusion the comments of spokeswoman Ethnie Groves in the Denver Post today. She said that Windsource was never meant to be competitive with traditional generation.

I thought that the whole point of coming up with renewable energy sources is that someday they would replace limited, polluting sources of energy. The best way of helping that happen is to create renewable energy sources which are abundant and which people with average incomes can afford - that is, making them competitive. But your spokeswoman has stated that it is not the goal of Xcel Energy. What, then, is the point of having Windsource at all?

Ms. Groves also stated that Windsource is a premium service. Premium suggests that the consumers who use the product receive a superior service or product. What is it about the quality of energy that Windsource generates that makes it superior to oil, coal or gas?

Thank you for your time,
Julie O.

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