Thursday, June 08, 2006

Local Blog Roundup

SoapBlox has the poop on the woman who smeared the Musgrave campaign. Dirty, dirty business, which I condemn wholeheartedly. A commenter makes a good point to keep things in perspective:
So when someone displays a sign supporting Paccione, they're obviously affiliated with her campaign. But when the fucking KKK writes about how wonderful Musgrave is, they're crazy backwoods psycho hillbillies who obviously have no connection to her campaign. Interesting.
But then Marilyn pulls the same old shit.
Just two days ago (coincidently enough, on 6/6/06) Congresswoman Musgrave introduced H.J.RES.88, which would attempt to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

This comes after she vowed to stay away from the issue last August, saying that she wanted to see how it worked out on the local level first.

ColoradoLib is moving to Mark Udall's district. Udall is backing a resolution for agri-energy. Good for farmers, good for everyone.

Western Democrat has a couple of related posts about the New New Democrats who are emerging from the western states, specifically Jon Tester, the candidate for U.S. Senate in Montana and Gov. Brian Schweitzer, (D-MT).

WashParkProphet says electing judges is a bad idea. I agree, though it really was Judge Dzintra Janavs' fault for having a name which makes people think an immigrant is taking away a job from a real American.

DemNotes has the details on President Clinton's Democratic fundraising visit. I wish I could go. $100/plate is the minimum.

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