Thursday, June 08, 2006

Oh, NOW Blogger Works: A Roundup

There were quite a few things I wanted to post on this morning, but blogger was out all day.

First there was the fact that Al-Zarqawi was killed. And I wanted to say "Four Years Too Late." But now that's old news. (via Atrios)

Also, that Coca-Cola stocks are ready to start rising. I have a couple of shares with re-investing dividends, and occasionally invest $10. The management of Coke is apparently reinvigorated, and the stocks could rise to $54. I believe I bought mine for about that in the mid-90s, and they went up to over $90 a share before they dropped hard again, so I'm not all that impressed with $54. They say to buy below $47.

There were a couple of other things I wanted to blog on, but now can't remember.

Thanks, Blogger.

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