Sunday, June 25, 2006

Smoking Ban

I'm conflicted about the smoking ban which goes into effect next Saturday.

I agree with the need to protect the public from the unhealthy addictions of others, and I agree with the rights of people to engage in their own addictive and self-destructive behaviors. Insofar as restaurants and bars go, I think those businesses should be able to determine which clientele they wish to serve by either allowing or banning smoking. But that still creates a workplace hazard. Yep, conflicted.

But I'm not conflicted about John Caldara as an opportunistic douche making the argument that, since he's a grownup now, he can do whatever he wants.
Speaking on an overcast morning at the Kiowa Creek Sporting Club in Bennett, Caldara said the group's enjoyment of the "perks of adulthood" would be upsetting to "nannyists." The party - less a fundraiser than a marketing event for the institute - was a celebration of guns, booze and smokes. Party ers paid a $150 fee to participate in the event, which included 100 sporting clays, ammunition, lunch, libations and cigars.

If only those finger-wagging "nannyists" with their bullshit rules would let the grownups play, Caldara and his friends could drive their duallies with their knees, a cold Bud in one hand a .45 in the other, shooting randomly out the window while blowing smoke into the face of the toddler standing on the dashboard.

Coddling innocent bystanders with restrictions on potentially deadly behavior sucks.

Update: I was in Florida when they passed the smoking ban there. I voted against it; I was a Libertarian at the time and I don't disagree that restaurants and bars should have smoking sections if they want them.

But I recall the "Republicans" tried to blame the liberals for the ban. I wrote a letter to the editor which I don't think ever got published in which I pointed out that about 75% of the voters passed the ban. In a red state like Florida, that meant a heck of a lot of Repubs voted for it, as well. 'Cause a lot of people, regardless of political affiliation, like eating in smokeless restaurants.

I wonder if Jon Caldara actually voted for the ban?

Johne at SquareState pulled up some info on studies which show that smoking bans don't hurt businesses. I recall that businesses weren't hurt in Florida.

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