Monday, June 26, 2006

Supreme Court Rundown

Taken from the LA Times, here's what's going on with the Supremes.

  • took the case which will determine whether the EPA can regulate carbon dioxide emissions as a pollutant to combat greenhouse gases.
    • If the court rules against the regulation, then states which are planning voluntary emissions controls might change their minds, so it's an important one.

  • ruled that Vermont's campaign contribution restrictions were too tight.

  • ruled constitutional Kansas' requirement for juries to impose the death penalty if aggravating factors equalled mitigating factors.
    • For the minority, "Justice David Souter wrote that 'in the face of evidence of the hazards of capital prosecution,' the Kansas law is 'obtuse by any moral or social measure.'"

      No kidding. Being black could be an aggravating factor. What the hell?

      Alito broke the tie. Of course he did.

  • refused to consider appeals from abortion rights groups to block the "Choose Life" license plates.
    • Whenever I see a "Choose Life" license plate or sticker, I always think, "I do choose life, which is why I choose choice." Those of us who choose choice choose the policies that decrease unwanted pregnancies and reduce the numbers of abortions, miscarriages, and infant death.

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