Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Xcel Windsource a Premium?

After reading of Xcel's position on wind power
"This is a premium price program, and customers that elect to join the Windsource program have decided to pay more to build up wind power in the state," Xcel spokeswoman Ethnie Groves said. "This was never designed to be competitive with traditional generation."

I wonder why they bother having it at all.

I thought the whole point of coming up with renewable energy sources was to save the environment and be more economical for the country; in less pollution, reduced extraction of limited resources and in not having to rely on foreign entities - therefore avoiding more energy wars. The way to get people to use renewable energy sources is to eventually make it competitive with traditional generation.

What is it about Windsource that makes it a premium service? That, since it will be so exclusive and expensive, that only rich people will get to be responsible consumers, allay their consciences and never have to suffer a rolling blackout? Is the quality of power somehow superior? Does the scent of roses emanate from wall sockets?

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