Wednesday, July 05, 2006

5th of July

We were rained out yesterday, so the local fireworks were postponed till tonight. My husband had to work on the 4th of July, so we weren't going to go anyway. But he had tonight off, so we went to the Lone Tree display at Sweetwater Park.

The interesting thing about Sweetwater Park's 4th of July display in Lone Tree is that, on the 4th, they had planned to close the public park to anyone without a wristband, and Lone Tree residents got first precedence for obtaining wristbands. But tonight it was open to all. I suppose it's permissible for events to close down public parks, such as for concerts and such. It just doesn't seem right for a 4th of July celebration. But whatever.

There wasn't that bad a crowd. And being so close to the fireworks added a sense of danger. Several stray embers and screaming flares drifted or shot onto the hillside where we sat. One of the red flares nearly fell on a pyrotechnician, bouncing a couple of times on the ground before it burned out, and another one fell in someone's yard behind us.

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