Friday, July 28, 2006

But What About the Stargate?

I suppose that moving NORAD to Peterson Air Force Base simply means the SGC will have more room and freedom to operate.

Considering that the SGC was struck just as dumb and impotent on 9/11 as President Bush was
Twenty-three minutes later, General Hammond and Dr. Janet Frasier sat in the SGC briefing room, staring almost shell-shocked into the TV displaying the Fox News Channel.


Jack held his head in his hands. Sam and Daniel jaws dropped, and the major breathed an "Ohmigod," while nearly all of the linguist's interest in the Temple of Zeus vanished from his mind. Even the usually stoic Teal'c's eyes grew wide and lip quivered.

there's no reason for them to intermingle. I mean, with NORAD just upstairs giving the SGC immediate info, you'd think the brilliant scientists and military minds with access to alien technology who could defeat the Goa'uld and find a lost team member on an uncharted planet would be able to whip up a plan to find and neutralize two missing hijacked planes on earth.

Or, given the limited timeframe they had to work with, shouldn't they have been able to find Osama bin Laden by now?

That's what we get when our most brilliant minds watch Fox News, I guess. I mean, Air Force General Hammond doesn't even wonder why the jets weren't scrambled.

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