Friday, July 14, 2006

City Spites Face, Cuts Off Nose

The old white bigots of Hazleton, PA hate the brown people more than they love the rejuvenation of their dying city.
The city reached its peak population in the 1940s, at 38,000, then began a steady decline as mining and textiles work disappeared. The 2000 census showed a population of 23,000, with a median age of 40.

Immigrants, flowing in from New York and New Jersey, changed that trajectory, bringing the city's population back up to between 30,000 and 31,000.

The influx brought economic growth. Donna Palermo, president of the Greater Hazleton Chamber of Commerce, said Latino immigrants built 50 to 60 new businesses in the city's downtown and helped boost the value of some homes to $90,000 from $40,000. In an October 2005 interview with the Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal, Barletta said the population boom had brought the city's economy to its healthiest state in decades.

The old, dying people were getting squeezed by the higher cost of living that success brings, therefore the old, dying people prefer an old, dying city. Plus, despite the financial boom, the Latinos were bringing extra crime.
Barletta acknowledges that he can't point to data proving that illegal immigrants are responsible for most of the city's crimes, or even establish how many illegal immigrants live here. But he said that any time police spent responding to calls involving illegal immigrants was a waste of city money, and "we are arresting illegal individuals much more often than we ever have."

Oh, so, maybe not. But he's still right. Since a proportional increase of any kind is "more often than we ever have."

But speaking of wasting city money, Mayor Barletta introduced a bill to stop these successful, contributing, rejuvenating brown people from being successful, contributing and rejuvenating members of the community with a potentially budget-draining extra bureaucracy.
Under the new law — which is a modified version of a ballot initiative proposed in San Bernardino — anyone seeking to rent a dwelling in the city will have to apply to the city for a residency license, and submit to an investigation of citizenship status. Landlords found renting to people without licenses will be fined $1,000 a day. Business owners found hiring, renting property to, or providing goods and services to illegal immigrants will lose their business permit for five years on a first offense and 10 years on a second.

I bet all you smart people can already see the millions of dollars this is going to cost a city of 30,000 which is about to lose about 10,000 of its most productive citizens.

Processing the papers and background checks for all of the thousands of renters who wish, for whatever reason, to live in Hazleton ain't gonna come cheap. And when they realize how much of a strain it's going to put on the budget which will be reduced by the expulsion and suspension of their most productive members, they're going to let the obvious non-immigrants (read: white) slide. And when that happens, how much money will it cost the city when it gets sued? Again.

The city's already getting sued for passing laws which should be under the jurisdiction of the federal government.

And check that last part out: businesses aren't even allowed to sell anything to illegal immigrants. So they will only be selling to white people. Apartheid.

This is a city intent on destroying itself. Unless the skinheads move in, and then won't it be a Trailer Trash Wonderland. Those property values should plummet nicely for the old people. And how safe it will be, those nice young, white tattooed men patrolling the streets to keep their meth labs secure.

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