Thursday, July 06, 2006

Coulter Plagiarismo de Plagiarismo

Scientific fact: Ann plagiariazed so much a friggin' computer couldn't keep up.

Also from Crooks and Liars.

Update: The martyr, St. Ann, responds to the arrows of plagiarism charges in an interview with the "New York Post" ... and by "New York Post" I mean "herself." (via Media Matters)

And by "herself" I don't mean "she's schizophrenically crazy," I mean "she's sane, she's calculating, it's an act."

Update: From TPMmuckraker -
It didn't take long to find evidence of plagiarism, Barrie said. "After we found three in the book, we called it quits. I think we found four of her syndicated columns that had problems." But the task proved draining, he said -- on himself, not his technology. "After combing through Ann Coulter for a while, it doesn't take long before you want to call it quits. I want to prove the technology, but I don't want to make my eyes bleed."

TPMmuckraker is compiling a list of her plagiarism, which they hope to have up soon.

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