Monday, July 10, 2006

Disavowing Bad Behavior, Generally

Just now I discovered that, since I am a self-identified liberal unknown blogger, I'm supposed to comment on and condemn the comments of another self-identified and unknown liberal blogger. (via Mahablog)

Even though I don't know what the other self-identified liberal unknown blogger said, it has caused an uproar on the conservative internets, thus besmirching the credibility of all liberal bloggers everywhere, because liberal bloggers everywhere haven't been in an uproar over what a self-identified liberal unknown blogger said, which they also don't know.

So I disavow awful things, even though I have no knowledge of what those awful things are. But on general principle ...

The claim has been made that the nasty blogger in question threatened the child of Protein Wisdom, possibly with some sort of sexual act. If that's what she did, that is truly awful. She must not have children. So far the only reason I can think of for banning an IP address from my blog, besides spamming, is even the vaguest of hint of a physical threat. A more direct threat gets a report to the IP provider, and depending on the nature of the threat, a report to the authorities. And if you come to my home to harm my children, I will rip you apart with my bare hands.

It's just blogging people. Use your words to persuade, not threats to intimidate. That automatically loses the argument. It also lost Deb Frisch her job (she resigned).

And leave the families out of it.

Update: The link to Protein Wisdom where Deb Frisch (southwestpaw) made the offensive comment is up. (via WorldWideRant)

I didn't find the post or initial comments offensive, but all of a sudden southwestpaw jumps in. Classic troll. And not even as an anonymous troll. Gross, over the line, uncalled for and downright stupid.

She brought it on herself.

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