Tuesday, July 04, 2006

An Eventful Day

The morning started off pretty quietly.

Then I met Rash Nussell of Midnight Aloft. A very nice man. He loaned me a copy of Al Gore's book, An Inconvenient Truth, which is pretty thick. I hope I'm not too thick to read it. Thank you very much Rash.

Early this evening my older son, Ben, fell off a scooter and landed on his face. His friend's mom carried him home, crying and bleeding profusely. His nose looked pretty cut up and I was concerned about it being broken, so we went to the ER.

He was too weak to walk in, so I had to carry him while the toddler held on to my pocket. But once they put on the numbing gel and bandages, gave him lots of attention and handed out the popsicles, his strength was renewed enough that he and his little brother, Andy, nearly ripped the waiting room apart. Once the gel had worked its magic, they wrapped him up in a blanket and put another one on his head so they could clean him up. I told him he looked like a mummy. He didn't like the cold saline running past his eyes and ears as the wounds were flushed.

The nurse thought he was very clever and funny, because he mentioned how lucky it was that it happened on the 4th of July. There wasn't a lot of traffic on the way to the hospital.

The doctor said the biggest wound was probably tissue scraped away, but she put seven stitches in just in case it was a cut. He freaked out mildly about getting stitches, but he held very still. I'm so very proud of how brave he was.

When I was about his age, I stepped on a piece of glass and needed to lay still while the doctor dug it out. I recall screaming and kicking my other leg, but afterwards I said proudly to my mom, "Did you see how I kept my leg still?" They handed out lollipops back then. After crying about the first couple of stitches (he was sure it would hurt) he calmed down and talked amiably during the rest, mainly about his friend from school who leaned back in his chair too far and had to have ten stitches. I struggled with a large, powerful and determined toddler. Then they both got another popsicle.

By the time we got out of the hospital a big storm had just arrived. I couldn't put Ben's shirt back on over his head, so he went shirtless out in the cold wind. It was just starting to rain.

We hadn't eaten because he got hurt when I was making dinner, so Ben chose McDonald's. While we were waiting in the car listening to the radio, the emergency channel broke in to report a tornado watch for central Arapahoe county, so I spent the next 45 minutes calming his fears about tornadoes and trying to get him to eat his fries.

He is clever and funny. I told him to eat seven fries, one for each stitch. When he got to the fries, he chewed on one for a while and said, "Okay, seven bites of a fry." Is that so weird that a kid doesn't care for McDonald's fries?

So that's all the blogging for today. I'm wiped.

Oh, happy 4th of July.

[edited because it occurs to me that I don't want to be "disappeared" because I'm not a Republican. Yes, it's cryptic. No I won't explain it.]

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