Thursday, July 13, 2006

Free money in Fort Collins

My family has always been amused by the stunning incompetence of the Ft. Collins City Council. In the 80's and 90's it was municipal road projects that were bungled. After the bidding process it would come down to a choice between two contracts. The lowest bid would create traffic nightmares, block off dozens of homes forcing residents to hike to thier homes and prompt businesses to sue the city for violating code and hindering thier trade. The higher bid would take into consideration all of the problems and actually make it worth fixing the problem. The City Council would then vote to accept the lowest bid, the city would get sued and be forced to pay for both bids.

A few years ago, the city denied a liquor license to an applicant because the Council didn't want another bar in the Old Town district next to the half-dozen that were already there. The applicant promised to sue the city if another bar was granted a license. Stay tuned for that lawsuit.

Last year, the jewish organization Chabad of Northern Colorado asked to include a menorah in the city Christmas Display. A compromise allowed the menorah to be lit briefly each night of Hanukka. No pogroms, no ACLU demonstrations, no O'Reilly sobbing that Ft. Collins hates Christmas and the baby Jesus and the bible. No lawsuits. Sensing the crisis of a lawsuit-free holiday season, City Councilman Kurt Kastein told the Rocky Mountain News, "Instead of knocking yourself out with being inclusive, we're just going to have a Christmas tree." "The Christmas trees aren't a problem because they were originally pagan" Councilman Ben Manvel nods assuredly. "I read that somewhere or maybe the bartender at City Park Nine told me it" he did not add. True, pagan cultures included trees in thier religious holidays especially the pre-christian Germans who would hang live animals and slaves from the branches. (THAT would be a great holiday tradition) However, it took them until the 16th century to undoubtedly associate the fir tree display with Christmas. Queen Victoria and her sausage-sucking husband Albert made the tradition British and American and still Christian. Definitely an argument even a mediocre lawyer could and will make. He will also add that both Councilmen referred to CHRISTMAS trees.

Perhaps the City Council could save themselves the controversy and this December place stacks of cash in Old Town Square.

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