Thursday, July 06, 2006

Funky Winkerbean has Cancer

There was a time while growing up and reading the newspaper that I thought Funky Winkerbean was one of the funniest comic strips in the paper. Les always got stuck on the rope in gym class. Bull always stuffed nerds in their lockers. Funky was always so high. Sure Tom Batuik sometimes touched on the controversies of the day on the sensitive side but the next day something wacky happened at Tony's pizzeria. Now, everyday, somebody has cancer or is sent to Iraq or has no arms. "So", you may say "does Doonesbury." Yes, but Doonesbury has always done that and it always has a punchline. It never ends with an extreme close-up of a central character reacting to the dreadful news. "Jesus Christ", Julie and you cry, exasperated, "Just stop reading it." I CAN'T. It's drawn so cartoonishly with large-print thought and speech bubbles, my eyes are immediately drawn to it. Why don't you stop laughing and clapping at the guy jangling his keys? I realize some would claim that the sensitive treatment that Batuik gives to cancer sufferers has inspired them and given hope. A comic strip has given you hope? Gimme those keys.

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