Thursday, July 20, 2006

Green-e Energy

I'm still working on getting information about Windsource from Xcel about a comment by Xcel spokeswoman Ethnie Groves who told the Denver Post
"This is a premium price program, and customers that elect to join the Windsource program have decided to pay more to build up wind power in the state," Xcel spokeswoman Ethnie Groves said. "This was never designed to be competitive with traditional generation." [emphasis added]

I've been told to expect a specific response on Monday, July 24.

Meanwhile, Mr. K at Xcel told me that Windsource is Green-e certified, a program I'd never heard of before. Apparently, Colorado is the only Western state, besides California, that is. It's a voluntary program for energy producers who seek to assure consumers with third party verification that they are getting high-quality, renewable energy as advertised.

The certification process is overseen by a Board of Governance comprised of individuals who have committed careers in alternative energy and environmental advocacy. For indepth info about their standards, click here.

I don't know if the Green-e logo is on Xcel paper bills because I've started getting electronic bills. I don't see the logo anywhere on their website. But this is what to look for.

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