Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hit Ad ... Literally

I had the severe displeasure of seeing Ed Perlmutter's hit ad about Peggy Lamm.

But then I discovered a new campaign in support of Tom Tancredo that puts Perlmutter to shame. TakeBackTheHouse of DailyKos and Square State announced a contest for a billboard in support of Bill Winter and got targetted by trolls, particularly by a Joe Sylvester who had this to say:

"You fucking assholes. Id like to beat your fucking skulls in with a ball pean hammer... That comment was directed to you anti Tancredo bastards."

Lestatdelc in comments at DailyKos made up this billboard, but forgot the bloody hammer, which I added.

This must be illustrative of something, but I can't quite grasp it. You know, like how the Left uses the destructive, negative energy of the Right to create something wholesome and pure.

[update: I corrected the billboard since I realized Bill Winter's name wasn't anywhere on it, and he has enough name-recognition problems]

Update 2: More ads.

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