Monday, July 03, 2006

More RWNJ Irrationality

The NYT published the address and some pictures of the vacation homes of Dick Cheney and Don Rumsfeld in Maryland. RWNJs like Malkin and Powerline are claiming this is a purposeful, illicit act to endanger the lives of the Cheneys.

I like BTC News' take on it, though Glen Greenwald has the most extensive coverage:
It’s undeniable that revealing a location in the Times can cause bad things to happen even if one or two people may already know the locations, or they’re available elsewhere. For instance, the paper published numerous stories on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center towers, some including photos, the latter even after the first, mostly unsuccessful attack on the WTC in 1993. They got away with it for years, but then calamity struck. And would those wackos who continue to hop the White House fence even know where the place is were it not for the constant repetition of “1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” in the Times and other liberal media outlets?

Of course, as Greenwald learned by picking up the telephone, the photographer whose pictures were published in the NYT had Dick Cheney's permission.

But facts and truth have no bearing on the determination of RWNJs to use their eliminationist rhetoric to bully and try to destroy their political opponents. They refer to it as the Left's war on our country and the Bush Administration so the militants on their side will feel justified in striking back with physical violence, which Greenwald points out is exactly what's happening over this.

And of course there is the IOKIYAR argument:
When The Times publishes extensive photographs of the Clintons' private home and reports on their daily activities, that's done with the purpose of glorifying them. But when The Times publishes an article on the town where Cheney and Rumsfeld have vacation homes, and includes a photograph of the mailbox of Rumsfeld's house, it's all part of a nefarious plot to tyrannize prominent conservatives and send Al Qaeda hit squads to get them.

Daily Kos is tracking all the RWNJs who are pushing this, as well as Rumsfeld's and the Secret Service's reaction to the conservative non-story.

And as Atrios continually points out, there is nothing crazy or stupid enough for these people to say that will make the mainstream media ignore them for the RWNJs that they are. Malkin will probably never retract or apologize for making spurious accusations against the NYT, and she'll still be showing up on talk shows being taken seriously.

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