Sunday, July 16, 2006

NSA Bill Providing Cover for Political Spying?

I had read about the possibility of Specter's new sham FISA bill giving the President cover for any spying on his political opponents he may have been doing, as Xsociate Files points out.

But it occurred to me that, had the President been using the NSA to spy on his political opponents, wouldn't it be the Democrats who were being charged with crimes and scandals left and right?

I suppose Rove could be storing up all the good stuff (meaning all the stuff, since there's been next to nothing) for an October Surprise. Then again, the President having the goods on some legislators would explain a few things. The GOP is set to lose both houses this year, which again points to stunning incompetence in the use of the NSA to spy on political opponents, which wouldn't really be that surprising considering everything.

Then again, maybe there's just not a whole lot to get on Democrats these days. No pedophilia, addictions (except Kennedy), adultery, corruption (except Jefferson). Mostly what they get Dems on is being French, rich, nuanced and educated.

That better be one hell of an October Surprise. Wouldn't it be funny if the October Surprise were the Apocalypse? "Well played, Mr. Rove, well-played."

... Of course, just because I doubt that it was happening before doesn't mean that it's not a terrible idea to create conditions which would make it even more likely to happen in the future, if not with this president then with another. The branches of government need true oversight and checks.

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