Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ritter's Denver Post Profile

The ridicule. The Denver Post started with Holtzman, continued with Beauprez, and now we finally have Ritter. And all I can say is, dang. There is a huuuge difference in tone from the first two profiles.

Maybe I'm too much of a partisan, but I can't find so much to ridicule about Ritter's profile. Holtzman felt entitled, Beauprez was a phony, but Ritter is described as authentic and principled.

Here's a point of concern, given the current NSA spying:
Family members remember Ritter with a book under his arm, cracking jokes or sneaking to the top of the stairs to eavesdrop on siblings' conversations.

"He couldn't stand not to know what was going on," says older sister Suzie.

But even that is immediately tempered by the description of his early experiences which lead to his dedication to civil rights.

Unlike his more privileged opponent, he has a deep, personal understanding of the need for social safety nets and public aid. After his dad got kicked out for being an abusive drunk (and he's gotta have respect for women with a mom who refused to be a co-dependent punching bag)
Everyone needed to find extra work to bring in money, [Ritter's mom] told them. Ritter and his brothers hauled wood, performed roof repairs. His sisters babysat. Mom applied for Aid to Families With Dependent Children and took a bookkeeping job.


Ritter earned a reputation as a disciplined student at Colorado State University and the University of Colorado law school. He used federal aid and construction jobs to pay his tuition.

There is the concern that he lets the police kill people without fear of retribution, besides monetary settlements. And of course there's his anti-abortion stance, though it is a personal one, not a matter of public policy.
Because of his abortion views, some have jumped to the assumption that he's a social conservative. Many are surprised, Ritter says, to learn in conversations with him that he believes in evolution, supports stem-cell research and backs domestic partnership benefits for gays, some of whom are close friends.

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