Monday, July 03, 2006

Stumbling over Prairie Muffins

Julie has encouraged (ordered) me to guest blog so I will comply.....occasionally (fight the power.)

I found this link on and upon ruminating on it, I began to wonder if it was a parody. As a midwesterner by birth, I know that prairie muffins refer to pats of cow shit. Is this the hint that the whole "manifesto" is bullshit? However, I know of too many women who aspire to the Prairie Muffin ideal but fall far short (mainly failing on the "mind your own business" and "don't judge" planks.) The entire piece is very typical of the whiny fundie complaint: "Stop making fun of us. You don't know us. We represent the silent majority." (Neither silent nor a majority, discuss) The complaint that Laura Ingalls Wilder is too much of a feminist is just balls-ass crazy (get used to that one) enough for a fundie. I like to think that my appreciation for Blackadder imbues me with the ability to recognize good satire but this has me stumped. Can anyone fill me in? If it is satire then someone worked way too hard for a mediocre payoff. If it's not then the neo-cons have the genesis of their slave class.

With time, I'll get better at this.

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