Thursday, July 13, 2006

Winter Wins

Here's another reason I'll never be a big blogger: I sometimes just don't feel like going online at all and miss out on even stuff I was specifically waiting to report on but just forgot about. Such as the response from Xcel that I got five days ago but only read today. And I checked MapChangers on the morning of July 11, intending to check back in the afternoon when they said they would publish the results, but forgot.

Well, Bill Winter won (via ColoradoLib) and Mark Warner will be bringing himself and a lot of publicity to Colorado and to Tom Tancredo's fairly unknown political opponent. Congratulations, Bill.

Also congratulations to Square State, ColoradoLib and DemNotes, who I specifically know contributed and got the voters out. And congratulations to anyone else involved who wasn't constantly reminding me to vote or whose efforts I missed.

This state is soooo going blue.

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