Sunday, July 16, 2006

With Campaign Supporters Like These, Who Needs Democrats?

Katherine Harris is crazy. So says her own supporters who wish her well.
''I wish Katherine Harris the best,'' [former campaign manager Glenn] Hodas said, ``but it appears all the old patterns are repeating themselves: Tantrums. Minor things cause her to blow. She doesn't take advice. Micromanaging to the Nth degree. It's nothing new. But I didn't have the energy to move on with the campaign, considering everything.''


''It drove her crazy, but it didn't take long to get her there,'' said [Ed] Rollins, Harris' former advisor and a top Reagan Republican strategist.

Last summer Joe "dead intern" Scarborough was courted to run against Harris, who, even before her rapid decline, Republicans thought would lose in a landslide to Democrat Bill Nelson. The panicked Ms. Harris called major donors about Joe.
''This [story] encapsulates everything wrong with her as a candidate,'' [former campaign manager Jim] Dornan said. 'She reacted without thinking. She made stuff up. She called people she had no business calling. And when confronted with the insanity of her -- I use this term lightly -- `strategy,' she denied it and tried to blame someone else.''


... Harris ... called donors like Pensacola developer Collier Merrill. Merrill told The Miami Herald that Harris suggested Scarborough was going to have trouble when ''they start asking questions . . . about that dead girl,'' Fort Walton Beach staff member Lori Klausutis.

Dornan said he overheard Harris tell more than one donor: ``I don't know what he's thinking when he's got this whole issue of a dead intern on his hands.''

via WTF Is It Now?

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