Monday, August 21, 2006

Box Turtle Bulletin

Square State has a post about an anti-gay mailing by Kevin Lundberg, Colorado HD49 State House Representative (R), in which Rep. Lundberg claims
The truth is, homosexuals die young. The statistics show that their activities are about as dangerous as taking drugs. Their "lifestyle" far too often includes activities that I don't even dare to describe or list. The top six U.S. male serial killers were all gay. Homosexual men have an average of 68 partners per year (a little less for women), they prefer to live alone, and of the 2-3% of homosexuals that do choose marriage (where legal) most relationships are not monogamous and end in divorce.

Commenter janus303 (is it the commenter is Mike Ditto of Janus Online?) links to a gay propaganda debunking site, Box Turtle Bulletin. BTW, Sue Radford is running for Lundberg's seat.

To make things easier and because I have nothing else to do, I'll just use a search engine to check on one of Rep. Lundberg's "facts" (most of which he seems to have gotten from Moriel Ministries, long on "statistics," short on citations) and do my own box turtle bulletin.

The top six U.S. male serial killers were all gay.
From Moriel Ministries:
1) Donald Harvey claimed 37 victims. 2) John Wayne Gacy raped and killed 33 boys. 3) Patrick Kearney cut his 32 victims up into small pieces. 4) Bruce Davis molested and killed 27 young men and boys. 5) A homosexual sex-murder-torture ring of Corll, Henley and Brooks sent 27 men and boys to their grave. 6) Juan Corona murdered 25 migrant workers and molested the corpses.

I noticed immediately that, for some unknown reason, the infamous and prolific Ted Bundy was left off the list. And I found another heterosexual killer who preferred females, the Green River Killer, Leon Gary Ridgway.

Checking on the others:

Patrick Kearney claimed to have killed 28 victims, but there was only evidence for 21. So he's not top 6, he's #7.

Moriel Ministries is the only place I can find that claims a Bruce Davis killed 27 young men and boys. There was a Bruce Davis who followed Manson, is suspected of being the Zodiac killer, and was convicted of 2 murders. Then there's serial killer Bruce A. Davis, who purportedly hated homosexuals for an assault he suffered and sought revenge; he claimed 32 killings, was convicted of two, plus a prison guard in an escape, and four others were confirmed, for a total of 7, with authorities sure he did one more. So, not gay and not even top 6.

The real list of top 6 male serial killers in the U.S. is:
1) Leon Gary Ridgway, 48; 2) Donald Harvey, 36 - 57; 3) John Wayne Gacy, 33; 4) Ted Bundy, 29+; 5) Corll, Henley & Brooks, 27; and 6) Juan Corona, 25.

I don't know why "4 of the 6 top male serial killers in the U.S. were gay" wasn't good enough. And even if it had been stated accurately, it wouldn't prove much of anything except that homophobes like Moriel Ministries, Rep. Lundberg, and purveyor of crap anti-gay statistics Paul Campbell want to spread their phobia like a contagious disease.

The following online source (PDF) seems to be from a book about serial killers and their victims in general. It makes interesting observations concerning homosexual serial killings which undercut the implicit claim that homosexuals are more prone to be depraved violent murderers. Take the unknown source for what it's worth.
As seen earlier, the number of victims of a homosexual serial killer is large. Because homosexuals are often marginalized in the larger community, serial killers seem to be able to operate for long periods of time, abducting and killing large numbers of victims before law enforcement is forced to act.
Note, however, that homosexual serial killers appear to be feared out of proportion to their actual statistical threat.

Homosexuals who become serial killers represent less than 5 percent of all known serial killers—even though their ranks include some of the most prolific slayers in modern times. Notorious homosexual serial killers include Donald Harvey (37 convictions; confessed to over 50 victims), John Wayne Gacy (33 convictions), Dean Corll (27 deaths; died after arrest), Juan Corona (25 convictions), Patrick Kearney (21 convictions; confessed to 28), Jeffrey Dahmer (17 convictions), William Bonin (10 convictions), and Randy Kraft (16 convictions; suspected in the deaths of 51 more victims).

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