Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bush Checked by the Other Branch

Via Big Ink. A U.S. District Court Judge ruled Bush's NSA spying on Americans is contrary to some goddamned law someone wrote down on some "goddamned piece of paper."

Of course WashParkProphet covers it more indepth.

Update: The President does have influence on weak, frightened minds. Yesterday on the radio I heard a caller say the Constitution was an outdated piece of paper. The host, who I think was substituting for Randi Rhodes, very neatly pointed out why it wasn't, at least.

Previous to the Constitution, systems of government were like a pyramid, with the warlords, the wealthy and the privileged on top. The Constitution turned the pyramid on its head, giving basic rights and power equally to all people (in theory).

Now, things like corporations have been given status as if they were individuals, but they have privileges, not rights. By a simple act of Congress, corporations can be stripped of their individual rights. Not so the people.

The Constitution has to be altered in order for the President or anyone else to strip us of our rights, such as the right to be secure in our persons, our papers, and our personal effects, save by due process of law, which is an oath or affirmation to a court that there is a good reason to look into people's private business. That's the 4th Amendment.

I really don't know what that caller thinks he would replace the "outdated piece of paper" with. And of all the times one might have said, "I prefer an authoritarian system of government where my unaccountable leader will do whatever he thinks is best, without question" why during Chimpy McShitstain's presidency?

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