Monday, August 07, 2006

The Difference Between Lamont and Lieberman

Even if a Democrat buys into the arguments against Lamont, (he's a patrician peace-loving hippie with no experience and a naive view of Iraq) remember this: he's one Democrat. He will not lead the charge.

Lieberman is also one Democrat, but he sides with the Republicans on Iraq policy, adding to their majority and power.

Maybe one falls into the camp of those who don't agree with either Lamont or Lieberman. But who has the actual power? A potential freshman Senator who is expressing the will of the majority of Americans that at least something different has to be done in Iraq, or an ensconced Senator who supports the Administration in their failed Iraqi policy to "stay the course?"

The difference: one will have little power but a will and a message for positive change in Iraq and in opposition to the Administration; one will have greater power with a will and a message for more of the same.

Via Atrios.

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