Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Don't Panic

To follow the previous post about why we shouldn't be so irrationally fearful of terrorism, Matt Yglesias on TPM (via Atrios) makes a good case for why we shouldn't be irrationally fearful of Iran.
So, here's Iran. Outgunned by its two leading religio-ideological antagonists, Israel and Saudi Arabia, in the region. One immediate neighbor is Pakistan, with a larger population base and a nuclear arsenal. Another immediate neighbor, Afghanistan, is occupied by soldiers under the command of an American president who has spurned peace offers and threatened to overthrow the Iranian government. A second immediate neighbor, Iraq, is occupied by a larger number of soldiers from the same country. The Iranian military's equipment is outdated and essentially incapable of mounting offensive operations. So Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons and missiles to deliver them. Under the circumstances, wouldn't you? Don't you think a little deterrence capabiity would serve the country well under those circumstances?

He also mentions how the regime that is in control of Iran has been there for 27 years, indicating likely comfortably entrenched elites who would rather simply bolster their security than stir the pot unnecessarily.

Sadly, I'm sure this is something of which the Administration is already very aware. Someone get Matt a TV pundit job. We desperately need more fact-based perspectives getting to the population and waaaay less paranoid, irrational, politically motivated fearmongering.

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