Thursday, August 03, 2006

Driving the Lebanon Point Home

Lending further stupidity to today's RMN letter-writer who compared the Iraeli attack on Lebanon to WWII and Afghanistan (who I rightfully disdained) the U.S. and other nations are and have been planning to help train and equip the Lebanese armed forces so it can secure the southern border against Hezbollah terrorists.
Gen. John Abizaid, who heads the U.S. Central Command, told the Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday the Lebanese armed force “needs a significant upgrade of equipment and training capability that I believe the Western nations, particularly the United States, can assist with.”

Before the war, command officials visited the Lebanese armed forces for an assessment, Abizaid said, and “we saw that they needed some significant spare parts” and other help.


Abizaid also said he believes Lebanon can extend government control over the entire country if it gets sufficient help, including an international peacekeeping force with a clear mandate, cooperation from the Lebanese government and “robust rules of engagement.”

The acknowledgement by the U.S. that Lebanon was unable to quell Hezbollah in the south is also acknowledgement that Israel was way out of line in bombing crucial infrastructure, such as the Beirut airport which isn't even in the south, and crushing the civilian population.

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