Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Example of Badly-Written News

Here's a story about Lieberman's campaign blaming Lamont for their website being down, probably written by someone concentrating more on getting bites of a roast beef sandwich, monitoring the competition and listening to newsroom gossip:
The Joe Lieberman campaign claims it's been victimized by computer hackers who support his challenger Ned Lamont for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate.

The senator's official campaign Web site, Lieberman2006.com, is down and has been down since Tuesday morning. An alternative site, joe2006.com, has also been offline.

The site has been hacked and apparently it has been so thorough that the senator's campaign can't even use e-mail.

It starts okay with the claim by Lieberman's campaign that their website was hacked. Then it goes to the fact that the website is down. Next, it reports as fact that the site was hacked.

As far as we know, the site shut down because Lieberman is a cheap ass. In fact, further down in this same story it is reported that Lieberman's own campaign released an email from its webhosting site that they had a DNS - denial of service - which means the site was overwhelmed with hits, not that it was hacked.

But the story quickly redeems itself, otherwise. It reports Lamont's denial of involvement; that a DNS might not be an attack but a natural consequence of having too little bandwidth and too many hits; that Lieberman's site shut down earlier in the year because of too little bandwidth and too many hits; and that Lamont offered to help Lieberman's website.

Too bad, as most people know, it's what's at the top of the story that's most important.

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