Thursday, August 03, 2006

I Agree With a Conservative!

Well, he agrees with me. But then, Blogthings says I'm only 75 - 80% liberal, so it's bound to happen sometimes.

Blake, now posting at World Wide Rant, put up a similar post to one I did a couple of months ago about how opposition to gay marriage is based on bigotry.

And he makes a good point about how proponents of gay marriage have been going about securing the right.
5) What about states rights? Shouldn't the people themselves determine what they want? As a conservative, this would be ideal and as it is now, all states that have put it to a vote are banning gay marriage. This is where advocates have made their biggest mistake. By going to the courts first and not spending more time to educate people about how Freedom should also apply to them, they've managed to set back their agenda maybe for a generation. Waiting 10-15 years more until our younger, more tolerant people were in power would've been the better strategy. Instead, their "going around the people" and calling every one who opposes it a bigot has sadly backfired.

[Italics added for emphasis].

It seems a little contradictory to claim at the beginning of his post that there's no good reason for opposing gay marriage, thus implying the only reason against it is bigotry, and then claim it's a mistake to call people bigots for opposing gay marriage.

But that really is a simple reality. As Blake said, his initial objection to gay marriage was personal aversion. As was mine. I am a supporter of full equal rights for everyone, but I don't like to see two men kissing. It makes me uncomfortable, and that's my problem, and that should have nothing to do with people enjoying the same rights I have. Blake has overcome his aversion as well, because of his ideological dedication to basic civil rights.

However, most people don't stop to dwell on the logic and rightness of their own feelings about gay marriage. Thus they are left with their aversion, their bullshit reasons for supporting their personal prejudices, and anger at being called names. A whole lot more time needs to be spent reaching out, educating, acquainting the general populace with the idea of homosexual relationships as not an abomination. Because, like it or not, power lies in the hands of the majority, including the majority on any court.

So we may have right on our side, but we don't have might.

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