Monday, August 14, 2006

I Don't Think Fringe Means What You Think It Means

The fall-out of Lieberman's primary loss is the rabid, but expected, overreaction of rightie propagandists. As Joe Conason says (via Big Ink),

The fundamental argument of the propagandists is that opposition to the war in Iraq represents an obsession of the far-left fringe, and that the Democrats will be destroyed by any attempt to extricate our troops from the quicksand.

But let’s look at the numbers found by recent surveys.

[An] ABC/Washington Post poll found 59 percent felt the war had not been worth the cost, 64 percent felt the Bush administration had no clear plan for victory, and 53 percent felt the number of U.S. troops in Iraq should be decreased.

If more than half of the public supports withdrawal from Iraq, and nearly two-thirds disapproves of the President and his policy, then that must be the “mainstream” position.

What follows is a visual representation of left-wing vs. right-wing fringe - as used in rightie propagandist vernacular - in

The Political Fringe Hat.

Hmm, that's a lot of fringe.

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