Thursday, August 17, 2006

JonBenet's Killer Has an Alibi?

Will the media show greater restraint in reporting on John Mark Karr? Yes, he admits to killing JonBenet accidentally. But his ex-wife, Lara Karr claims he was in Alabama with her at the time of the slaying.

It will be interesting to see if the media learned any lessons after swarming all over the Ramseys. We all remember the sideshow, the speculation, including the insinuations that JonBenet's older brother, a child himself, might have beaten and strangled his sister. It's devastating to be falsely accused, and even moreso to be so publicly falsely accused.

Looking at today's Rocky Mountain News - the entire front page covered with the beauty queen's photo - it's not quite looking promising. The headline: Arrest.

Underneath, next to Karr's photo, it says "Teacher nabbed 10 years after JonBenet's murder"/ "Exclusive: how they cracked the case." And an invitation to check RMN's archives on the story at

Sounds pretty conclusive. The killer was nabbed, and the case was cracked. It's done, according to the front page.

Of course, Lara Karr probably made her statement after the paper went to print, and I did find her statement online at RMN. But it was small, in a sidebar, and not on the "front page" of the website. Even before learning of a potential alibi I had doubts about this confession. Shouldn't the media have doubts, as well?

Mike Littwin, also in RMN, writes a column asking this question: "How do you undo a public lynching?" And he answers it: "You don't."

Will the media treat Karr more carefully than the Ramseys?

The news conference is in a few minutes, so we'll see what the DA has to say about the evidence. I hope she mentions the alibi. I hope someone in the press asks her about the alibi.

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