Monday, August 28, 2006

Karr Won't Be Charged With Ramsey Murder

That's according to his attorney, Seth Temin, as the results of the DNA test showed Karr was not a match.
"The charges against Mr. Karr have been dropped by the DA," Temin said. "We are deeply distressed that they brought this man from Thailand with no forensic evidence and no other evidence to suggest his guilt. There will be no hearing today."

Well, considering his outstanding warrant in California for child pornography, the fact that he was working with children in Thailand and the potential for flight, I'd say it was a very good thing they brought him back.

Update: I had forgotten until Pither reminded me that, contrary to what Mr. Temin said, "they" didn't bring Karr all the way from Thailand. Thailand deported Karr after revoking his visa as an "undesireable person" for confessing to the murder. "They" merely escorted Karr back to the U.S. where he was then taken into custody.

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