Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Letter to Harry Reid RE: Sen. Lieberman's Betrayal

I'm not a constituent, but you are the Minority Leader and your decisions do have a strong overall effect on the entire Senate, thence on all of America. So I am writing to ask you to strip Joe Lieberman of his committee assignments and to fully back Ned Lamont as the Democratic nominee.

In selfishly deciding to run as an independent, Sen. Lieberman has turned his back on the Democratic Party and is in fact no longer a Democrat. He does not deserve to have any voice in the Senate as a Democrat.

But he hasn't just abandoned the party, he has decided to split the vote and hand his seat to a Republican, undercutting any potential gains the Democrats might have in November. That is an utter betrayal, it is insupportable, and so is Sen. Lieberman.

Regardless of what good he may have done for his party and his constituents in the past, his bitterness that he and his constituents have gone separate ways is no excuse for undoing all of the good in one stunning act of betrayal.

Please send a clear message, that while dissent may be desired and respected (and you and his other colleagues have shown him that respect), betrayal will not be tolerated.

Julie O.

Update: I just heard a caller on Randi Rhodes say she called Harry Reid's office to say that if Lieberman no longer wants to be a Democrat he needs to be yanked off all the committees. Randi agreed, since now Joe might decide to vote with Republicans even more often.

BTW, I think I got the idea for pulling Lieberman off committees from a DailyKos diary. I don't remember. That's what happens if you don't provide a link right away.

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