Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Letter to Sen. Salazar RE: Support for Lieberman

According to TakeBackTheHouse at DailyKos, you said, "'We would see what is going to happen soon in Connecticut.' Later he broadened that to, 'We will see what they do, perhaps in the next days or weeks or perhaps months, we'll see.'"

And when TakeBackTheHouse said, "I hope that Connecticut plays out in a way so that you are able to support the Democratic nominee, however that might happen," you answered, "Well, we'll see."

Now, I understand that Senator Lieberman believes himself to be standing on principle by sometimes standing against the party, and that, having been on the receiving end of criticism yourself, you appreciate that.

But what Senator Lieberman is doing by running as an independent after being rejected by his constituents is a much different matter than voting against the party on occasion. He is actively turning his back on the party in its entirety.

He is abandoning the Democratic party while seeking to divide the Democrats of Connecticut at a time when wresting control from an irresponsible Republican majority to counter the bad and illegal decisions of a rogue President is of utmost importance. Dividing the Democrats could hand his seat to a Republican, undercutting the possible gains at this crucial time.

Senator Lieberman's defeat is being touted as a bellweather of the sentiments of the general populace about the unrest and dissatisfaction over the President, his policies, and the cowering Legislature which has given President Bush free reign and no oversight. Senator Lieberman is one of those Legislators.

By considering supporting Senator Lieberman you are signalling to your constituents that you are another of those Senators, more interested in helping your buddy than serving the interests of the United States to reign in a wayward Executive.

I urge you to stand with the Democratic nominee from Connecticut.

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Julie O.

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