Thursday, August 31, 2006

Presidential Summer Reading

Bush read Camus' The Stranger and "three Shakespeares."

Otto: Apes don't read Nietsche.
Wanda: Yes they do, Otto, they just don't understand it.

NOLA interview with Brian Williams. (I've provided Bush's subtext gleaned from his body language and tone of voice).
Williams: There were reports that you had just read the works of a French philosopher, can you ...

Bush: The Stranger, [and I learned to tie my own shoe -ed].

Williams: Tell us the backstory of Camus.

Bush: The backstory of, of the book? [My Deke is rising, and it wants to pound on dweebs who ask for book reports. - ed]

Williams: Well, what what what caused, what lead you to this ...

Bush: [Okay, shut up, I undertand you. - ed] I was in Crawford and, uh, I said I was lookin' for a book to read and Laura said you oughta try Camus I also read three Shakespeares. Yeah. [Wassup? - ed]

Williams: This is a change ...

Bush: Not really.

Williams: You were just years ago reading the life story of Joe DiMaggio ...

Bush: Wait a minute. [Are you challenging my intellecuality? I know how to read books. - ed]

Williams: ... by Richard Ben Cramer ...

Bush: Which was a good book. [I killed a spider with it. - ed]

Williams: ... you've been on a Teddy Roosevelt reading kick, you remember we discussed this the last time you were here.

Bush: [Oh, you mean it's a different kind of book. - ed] I'm reading about the battle of New Orleans right now. [What the British couldn't do with a whole fleet, I did while playing a guitar and eating cake. - ed] I've got a ecelectic reading list. [See, and I can use big words, too. - ed]

Williams: And now Camus.

Bush: Well, that was a couple of books ago. [It's in my past and I try not to think about it. - ed] Let me, look, the key for me is to keep expectations low. [And that is the most truthful thing I've ever said. - ed]

End recording.

Yeah, well, I see your Camus and three Shakespeares and raise you three Joyces, two Faulkners and a Proust.

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