Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ramsey News Conference

I first turned to local CBS, and heard the anchor say two times, "We heard the DNA matched, but that's not confirmed," as well as a couple of other things they heard which were not confirmed. Since local CBS was engaging in the type of sensationalistic journalism that destroys humans, I changed to MSNBC where Dan Abrams was being much more responsible. He reminded me of why I used to like watching Court TV, before Nancy Grace and Judge Napolitano (and others) soiled it with their partisanship and sensationalism.

In fact, watch MSNBC for coverage on this case. Both the female anchor and Abrams were expressing serious skepticism, not only because of the potential alibi, but because of the report that Karr claimed he drugged JonBenet when the autopsy didn't show signs of any drugs, as well as, so far, the lack of any other evidence.

I was very pleased with the news conference itself. DA Mary Lacy has certainly shown that Boulder law enforcement learned their lesson.

She made it very clear that John Karr is presumed innocent and was arrested because of exigent circumstances - a fear for public safety and a fear of flight. She said the investigation is not "substantially complete," that a lot of work still has to be done, and would not comment on any evidence.

She implored the media and the public not to jump to any conclusions or to speculate, and to please allow law enforcement to do its job thoroughly.

They did confirm there had as yet been no charges filed, that both John Ramsey and John Karr are presumed innocent, and that Boulder law enforcement will be backing away from media attention so they can do their job of investigation.

Back to Dan Abrams, reading between the lines of the news conference, the Boulder officials are "putting on the brakes" of this story. Again reading between the lines, this investigation is in a very early stage, all officials have at this point are Karr's statements, and they don't have enough to file charges. Karr was arrested because of exigent circumstances - his outstanding charges of child pornography, he had just gotten a job teaching 2nd graders, and his own father thought he was dead.

Abrams also said that in high profile cases many whackos claim guilt for the attention, which is why everyone should be very careful about this story. However, as Abrams pointed out, whether or not Karr is guilty of killing JonBenet, it sounds like it's probably a good thing that he's not free.

Then I switched to Court TV where Rikki Klieman said that an AP report out of Bangkok reported that Karr said he drugged JonBenet, but that drugs had not been found in her system. Another talking head then speculated that it could be a mistranslation, that it could be that Karr claimed to have stunned JonBenet with a stun gun (there was evidence of that), or that it could be that Karr is lying.

They then pointed out how Karr seemed to be enjoying himself at his own news conference.

Yeah, watch MSNBC.

There are still lots of questions to be answered. Everyone, including myself, needs to heed the Boulder DA and back off this story. Will it happen?

Update: Of course not. But as I said, watch Dan Abrams on MSNBC, and not just because he's cute. TalkLeft says he has a special tonight 10 - 11pm (probably 9 - 10pm, CST/MST).

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