Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Sanctuary Denver; A Correction

It seems I was mistaken.

I wrote, in Denver Not a Sanctuary City, that Denver had a policy of reporting foreign-born inmates, but in some cases individual officers had failed to do so.
Although ICE has said all jails in Colorado already communicate about foreign-born inmates, the agency doesn't pick up all illegal immigrants, the Rocky Mountain News found in a series published in June.

The series, "The Border Within," found that many immigrants who could have been deported for criminal offenses slipped through the cracks and went on to commit worse crimes in Colorado. The News found that ICE has in the past taken only the most serious offenders because of limited detention space and manpower. ("The Border Within" can be found under Web Extra at RockyMountainNews.com.)

Denver has been doing its job, and the federal government has been unable to keep up because of underfunding. I should read the RMN more often.

But it's still true that the new law which Peter Boyles touts as proof of Denver's sanctuary status wouldn't do much to change anything because Denver wasn't a sanctuary city to begin with.

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