Thursday, September 07, 2006

ABC Affiliates Can Refuse to Air The Path to 9/11; They've Done It Before

I realized I had buried the lead in my last post, so I'm elevating it to the top of this one.

I had commented at ColoradoLib that I didn't think local ABC affiliates could refuse to air network programming.

But my husband tells me that affiliates can make the argument that what the network wants to air is contrary to local public mores or interests, such as what happened a few years ago in 8 states:

ABC affiliates refused to air Saving Private Ryan because of indecency concerns.

The network can require the affiliates to "make good" (re-air during different shows) the national commercials that got covered over. Stations can lose their affiliation if they do it too much. So click on CL's link and call Channel 7, or whoever your local affiliates may be.

However, as ColoradoLib heard on Jay Marvin's show, that probably doesn't apply to O&Os (owned & operate).

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