Sunday, September 24, 2006

Autumn, Will it kill us all?

Global Warming? Them's fightin' words.

The small front page headline in the Denver Post today made me jump to conclusions: a climatologist is releasing some new findings and some RWNJ who calls himself a scientist because he paid $150 to a "really smart guy" in his apartment near the beach for a "docterit" says the whole thing is a liberal scam.

Reading the whole article, I realized the RWNJ was William Gray at CSU, my alma mater. He's the guy who every newspaper, network and news affiliate interviews in May and June about whether their readers and viewers will be tragically but dramitically swept to sea this hurricane season. He's usually right so his credentials shouldn't be questioned. Gray makes educated and reasonable efforts to debunk the Global Warming "scam" but seems to be in the minority of other Climatologists who also have educated and reasonable observations to support Global Warming.

Julie had almost brought me completely around to the Global Warming side. (I had read the Michael Crichton book....he knows what he's talking dinosaurs that come back to take over the world) She has some more work to do.

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Here's some links:
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