Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Big Dog Jumped Off the Porch

ThinkProgress has the portion of the Chris Wallace/Bill Clinton interview where the Big Dog nearly takes off Wallace's head. "He's crazed! He leaned close and poked me with his finger!"

I think Clinton was wrong when he said Wallace got the interview under false pretenses, though. Wallace did intend to spend most of the interview on Clinton's Global Initiative. But Wallace wanted to throw in a loaded question, remind the Fox audience that Clinton had bin Laden surrounded and then let the terrorist go, get a typically weak, inadequate response of "no I didn't," and then move on after respectfully disagreeing about what an inadequate job Clinton did as President. "Now that everyone remembers what a terrorist-lover you are, we can talk about your little 'Global Initiative.'"

Thing is, Clinton already had his dander up from being slandered by Disney, he wasn't about to let a puny partisan tit like Wallace play those games. And as Wallace admitted, he didn't expect to spend so much time getting set straight with actual facts on the bin Laden question. After all, his audience already knows all the relevant facts, "right, audience?" ::nudge nudge wink wink::.

I particularly liked when the smirking Wallace asked if Clinton would like to talk about the Global Initiative, and Clinton said "no, let's finish this."

And that was Wallace's big mistake, treating the Big Dog like the typical "liberal spokesperson" who gets run over all the time.

Clinton has an encyclopedic memory. And he lived through his own Presidency, so he can answer those loaded questions in great detail and with authority, unlike the normal "Clinton lovers" who usually can't answer all the questions because they don't remember. Plus, Clinton has the gravitas of a former President, so it was unlikely even a contemptible jagoff like Wallace would attempt to bully Clinton in that Hannityesque manner to move on.

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