Monday, September 18, 2006

Bush's Strategy to Win

Giving continuous speeches about how terror =9/11 = Iraq = you're all gonna die, 24/7 until November 6.

Remember that poll bounce he had after the 9/11 anniversary when he talked petulantly to the nation about how terrorists attacked us because they hate old men who vote? That's already gone. (via AmericaBlog)

Its disappearance probably had something to do with his admitted desire to kidnap Americans from their homes, strip them of their citizenship and send them to secret prisons overseas to be tortured for the rest of their lives.

He's getting so desperate to prevent real Congressional investigations he's started panicking, screwing up a once tried-and-true tactic. He means to simultaneously scare and comfort the populace by reminding them of the bogeyman and his special, unique ability to fight it, but he's so unravelled, he's unwittingly revealed his sickest innermost fantasy and accidentally told the truth: the bogeyman is Bush.

Fear/tough talk may be his strategy to win, but it won't work. Most people realize we need a divided, accountable government.

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